Arrested in Greece

The most intense part of my journey was the dangerous boat ride from Turkey to Lesbos, Greece that lead to my arrest for entering a EU country “illegally” once I made it safely to Greece.
The boat ride happened at 3AM. 17 km (10 miles) with 35 refugees squeezed on one tiny unstable boat.
Constant prayers in Arabic by the passengers asking God for a safe journey. Fear in every passengers eyes.
No GPS or any type of coordination. Hardly enough gas to make it to the other side. Lights on the other side used as guidance.
Relief when we made it to the other side. As soon as I stepped of the boat I was arrested, as the only passenger.
I spent the night in a dirty small prison cell, the day at the precinct and was scheduled to see the judge.
I was asked if I needed some more days to speak with a lawyer or prepare my testimony. Fear. How long will l be in this prison cell.
After explaining in detail to the judge that I was a photo journalist traveling with the refugees and presenting evidence, finally, my release!

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